About Us

This company is a result of my more than 20 years work serving students (primarily Autistic Support) and adults that face unique challenges!


As you may know, Occupational Therapy has a rich history which pulls from many different places to develop the most beneficial way to functionally help clients. 

Throughout my career, I've provided OT support for improving motor skills, handwriting, sensory integration, social skills, attentional issues, mental health and advocacy. I feel extremely blessed to have always felt like I naturally belong in such a creative, client-centered profession!  


Over the years, I've experienced even greater results by developing a more art-based approach to treatment which incorporates yoga and movement to help meet and exceed client goals and expectations!

More than just an Art company (although we do some seriously cool ART)....More than personalized Therapeutic Exercise, Yoga and Exploring new coping strategies to meet life's challenges...

Our purpose is to Encourage Self Awareness, Discover and Develop Unique Talents and Support Wellness and Growth!  We love what we do and you will too! 

Amy Tomalin, COTA/L 

Therapeutic Art Unlimited 

Amy Tomalin, COTA/L